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how do I keep my cats from fighting?

We have four cats - two just do not get along. One in particular constantly hunts for the other and attacks. Is there a way ti keep the dominant at bay from the other?

There are sprays available that contain a certain "pheromone" that makes the cats "like" each other or other people or DOGS, even. Well, it's not like magic, but it's sort of like "kitty cologne" that cats react positively to. You can find these in a good pet supply store, or online. Use as directed, and it may just help them "over the hump" in getting comfortable with others.

I currently have the pheromone collar on my one cat who is being aggressive towards one of my other cats. It is certainly calming her down, and she keeps licking it! She LOVES it almost like it's catnip. She's had only a couple nasty incidents so far, and the collar is supposed to last 30 days. I am hoping that the collar will help to the point that after the 30 days, the tensions will have eased between them enough for them to get along without any collar. But it IS having an effect on her!

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